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Off page optimization techniques for SEO

Off page optimization usually follows on-page optimization. If you have not optimized your website content on-page, I would suggest you to first optimize your website content on-page before you employ off-page optimization techniques for SEO.

Off-page SEO techniques involve all those activities that you do outside your website to drive more traffic to your site. Off-page SEO not only helps your rank higher in search engine ranking but also helps you drive traffic through social media sites, forums and various other sources.

Off page SEO techniques to improve search engine ranking

Once you have optimized your site content on-page, it would become easier for you to maximize benefits of off-page optimization. Although off page optimzation involves several activities, here are some of the best off page SEO techniques you can employ to improve search engine ranking of your website.

off page SEO techniques
Off page optimization techniques

Build backlinks to improve credibility of your site

The first thing that you can do to improve the ranking of your website is to build quality backlinks. Search engines use backlinks to measure the worth of your blog or website. The more quality backlinks you have, the higher your website pages rank in the search engine. 

However, make sure to avoid link schemes to build backlinks for your website. Adopt only white hate backlink practices.

Here are some best practices to create quality backlinks for SEO

Guest Posting: You can make use of Guest posting to get quality links from high ranking blogs or websites. Create a couple of posts every month exclusively for guest posting. Although, guest posting is an effective method of building backlinks and driving traffic to your blog, make sure to use guest posting carefully. Understand the advantages as well as disadvantages of backlink building practices and how backlinks can backfire.

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Post comment on other blogs: You can significantly improve the presence of your website if you post quality comments on other blogs in your niche. Quality comments not only help you build a better relationship with other bloggers; sometimes it also helps you get some quality backlinks from other websites.

A majority of the bloggers would not mind a link to a comment if it adds value to their blog content or helps others to understand a concept.

Moreover, some of the bloggers allow you to provide a link to your blog while commenting on their blog. You can significantly improve the ranking of your site if you post your comments on such sites.

However, always remember two quality backlinks are better than 10 low-quality backlinks. So make sure to use backlinks that add value to your site and help you improve the ranking of your blog. Avoid using links in your comments for spamming.

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Participate in leading forums: nowadays, discussion forums like Quora, Reddit and V7N are great places to gain some quality backlinks. You can use these forums to answer the queries of your readers and get some quality traffic to your blog. Moreover, these forums enable you to ask questions and get insight into the leading trends in the industry.

However, make sure to participate in these forums with the intentions of helping out people who need answers to their queries. It will help you get some natural backlinks.
Never throw links in these sites with the sole intention of building backlinks. It may take you some time to build links from these sites but I am sure sooner or later you will be able to get quality backlinks. 

Join social media sites: if you want to improve the visibility of your blog, you must join some of the leading social media sites such as Facebook, Google plus, twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Instagram. Make sure to create your profile in these sites. If you can spend some quality time you can also build your own groups or communities to improve the visibility of your blog.

Some of these sites not only help you get some quality links but also help you build a network that can help you drive tons of traffic to your blog.

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Search engines use social media signals to understand the worth of your site. Social shares, comments, and likes may not directly impact the ranking of your site but these signal play an important role in improving the page views, audience engagement, and bounce rate of your blog or website. So indirectly, social signals play an important role in improving the ranking of your blog or website.

Build quality networks

Quality networks are much better than a large untargeted network of online friends. If you can build a network of online friends who share similar interests, you can get some quality links from your network. Bloggers in your network are most likely to provide you backlink if you read their blog and post comments.

If you regularly post your comments on quality blogs and reshare their blog pages, you will be able to attract their attention. Once you manage to bring yourself to their notice, you can bring some great content on your site to their notice and request them for a backlink. 

Submit your website to leading search engines and use webmaster tools

By submitting your website to leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc you can significantly improve the indexing of your site. Use tools like Google search console and Google Analytics to get useful information about indexed pages as well index errors. 

Moreover, these tools will help you get insight into broken links. By rectifying broken links you can improve the ranking of your site in the search results.

Create infographics

Infographics are increasingly gaining popularity as they not only improves audience engagement but also provide several off page SEO benefits. Infographics are easy to understand and stand a better chance of getting quick backlinks. 

You can create your own infographics using online tools such as Canva Infographics or you can also use the infographics from other reputed websites. A majority of the bloggers allow users to use the infographics on their site provided that you link to the source.

You can collect interesting information from a couple of infographics to make your infographic more interesting and useful for your blog readers. You can also use screen capture software to capture the relevant and reliable information and use it in your infographics.

Convert your content into audiovisuals

Audiovisuals are the future of blogging. Youtube has gained unprecedented popularity in the recent past decade. You can convert your content into video content and upload it on Youtube. Link the video to your site to improve audience engagement and bounce rate. 

Moreover, it is also one of the best off page SEO techniques. It will provide you two major benefits. First, you will get more backlinks. Second, you will be able to open one more income stream using same content. 

If you liked this article, please feel free to share it with others. Do you know any other off-page optimization technique to improve search engine ranking? Please feel free to share with us.

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