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3 Ingredients of an Article That Audience Loves

content writing tips

One day I was wondering what makes people read some articles while ignoring others. After closely examining several articles, including my own, I managed to come up with three ingredients of an article that audience loves. I am sure you will find these content writing tips useful and informative.

Article writing is an art that comes only with regular practice. However, along with that, you need to understand how to write an article that audience actually likes. 

Let’s start with a brief introduction.

We cannot deny that our brain is the most efficient yet laziest part of our body. It loves to indulge in all those things that give it the most pleasure. Our mind prefers easy things over tough ones. It avoids things that give it discomfort. 

However, at the same time, it is the most efficient part of our body. It works hardest in difficult situations. It processes information in seconds. It works most efficiently when you find yourself in a difficult problem.

The main objective of presenting the above discussion is to remind you that our mind is a crazy thing. You cannot always force it to work in a certain way. It works according to the situation and most of the times prefer luxury over hard work.

Thus, you cannot force your audience to read each and every article like an obedient child. You will have to create something that the mind of your audience loves.

There are three key components of a great content that your audience would love which are as follows:

1.      Readability
2.      Information
3.      Structure

Let’s discuss them one by one:

Content writing tips

1. Provide Ease of Readability

While writing an article, you must keep in mind the article readability. Readability is the most important ingredient of an article. Readability is the ease of reading an article. And our mind loves the ease of processing things. Therefore, your article must be easy to understand. And the things that can help you create easy to understand article includes:

1.1   Conversational style of  article writing:  

Your style of writing plays an important role in enhancing the readability of an article. The conversational writing style is one the most effective ways to engage the audience. 

We all love to read something that is written in a style that we use in our day to day conversation. The conversational style of writing is easy to understand and helps us remember things for a longer period of time.

Have you ever noticed why we avoid academic books and love to read novel or story books?  The key reason is the difference in the style of writing.

The key ingredients of a conversational style of writing include:

I.   Short sentences: have you ever noticed the structure of sentences that we use in our conversation. A majority of sentences that we use in our daily conversation are short. Short sentences are easy to understand and help us convey our thoughts in chunks. Our mind loves to collect information in chunks. It helps our mind to process the information easily. Therefore, avoid complex and compound sentences in your article. Break long sentences into two short sentences.

II. Easy words: you would have noticed most of the times we use easy words in our day to day conversation. We use easy words because they are easy to understand and our mind loves it. Therefore, make sure to use easy words in your article as long as possible.

1.2   Short paragraphs: it is one of the most effective ways of creating a lot of white spaces in your article. Short paragraphs are easy to read and help us understand content easily. Moreover, low density of words in a paragraph is visually pleasurable to mind. Technically, it also plays an important role in improving the ranking of your page in Google search.

1.3 Text: you should take utmost care in choosing the font of your article. Fonts can significantly improve the readability of your text. Readers are most likely to read easy to read fonts that are visually attractive to their eyes or mind.

There are several fonts available online that you can use to write your post. Some of the most popular fonts include Georgia, Arial, Sans-serif, Helvetica, etc. 

Moreover, you must choose the size of the fonts carefully as it plays an important role in enhancing the readability of an article. It should neither be too small nor too big. Choose a font that is visually appealing and easy to read. Always remember readability plays an important role in improving the bounce rate of your website.

2. Provide rich Information

Why do people read articles? People read articles to find information that can help them in their professional or personal lives. In other words, people read articles to quench the thirst of their mind. Some people look for it consciously others may look for it subconsciously.

An informative article stands out from the crowd. People are more likely to read an article that helps them gain some knowledge or information. Therefore, information is one of the most important ingredients of an article. You cannot make others read your content unless you have something important to share with them. 

3. Provide a structure to your article

A structure provides the frame to an article. It is the framework that you use to present your article. For example, an essay begins with an introduction followed by a body and ends with a conclusion. This is the structure of an essay.

Similarly, you should create a structure for your content. As you can see, this article has a fixed structure. It begins with an introduction. The body of this article discusses the three ingredients of a great article namely, ease of readability, information, and structure. Furthermore, for the convenience of the readers, I have subdivided the topic readability into three parts. The article ends with a brief conclusion.

Your audience is more likely to visit your blog if you present your content in easy to read structure. Remember what I said earlier, our mind loves things that it can process easily.

Therefore, you must follow a predetermined structure while writing an article. Readers are most likely to read an article that has an interesting heading and several subheadings. It provides your mind the convenience of ignoring the topics you are familiar with. At the same time, it provides your mind an opportunity to jump to the most informative or interesting part of an article. 

Interesting, informative and engaging articles improve the quality of your blog content. An interesting article creates curiosity among the people and at the same time satisfies it with reliable and relevant information. 

Readability of your article plays an important role in enhancing engagement of your targeted audience. Easy to read article enables your audience to gain a better understanding of the content resulting in enhanced engagement.

I hope these content writing tips help you write a blog post that your targeted audience would love. If you want to make money through your blog, you should also know how to create unique and useful blog content

If you liked this article, please feel free to comment and share it with others. If you have any question, please post it in the comment box.

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Thursday, 22 October 2015

10 Things You Must Avoid As a Blogger

As a blogger, you put in hard work to ensure that more and more people read your blog. However, when you see little traffic despite your best efforts, it's natural you will feel dejected and sad. There are several things a blogger can do to avoid disappointment. In this post, I have pointed out 10 blogging mistakes that you must avoid if you want to create a successful blog. 

10 Blogging Mistakes that You Must Avoid

1.    Avoid rewriting content from others’ blog 

Most of the bloggers make the mistake of rewriting content from someone else blog. This practice results in loss of originality and uniqueness of the content. You cannot expect to get high Google page rank if you are in the habit of rewriting content from others' websites. Always make sure to create unique and useful content. It will help you to get higher page rank in Google searches. 

2.    Avoid displaying large numbers of ads or links on a single page: 

A large number of links or ads on a single page are big distractions for the readers. It decreases the readability of your page and readers might lose interest in your content. Moreover, several affiliate links in a single page take away your readers to other sites resulting in loss of traffic and high bounce rate in the long run.

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3.    Avoid writing a long post if you are running out of ideas: 

Writing lengthy posts can turn out counter-productive if you write it with the sole motive of archiving higher page rank. Generally, it is believed that lengthy blog post (longer than 1500 words) stands a better chance of getting higher page rank in the Google searches. To some extent, it is very true. 

However, if you want to create a long post make sure you do not compromise on the quality of the content. Always remember, quality content always stands a better chance of getting higher page rank irrespective of the word count of a post. 

Readers find it easy to go through short posts. On the contrary, readers generally avoid reading long posts due to lack of time or lack of interest in a topic. It is always a better idea to divide a long post into two or three parts. There are two main benefits of it. 

First, readers will find it easy to read two short posts rather than one long post. Second, your blog’s page views will increase as readers will have to click on two or three different links.

Moreover, only interesting and informative long articles generate results in the long run. Readers are most likely to revisit your blog if they find your long articles interesting and informative. 

4.    Avoid leaving old posts unattended for a long period of time 

Always make sure to update your blog on regular basis. Most of the bloggers do not update their content and solely focus on new content. Outdated blog posts cannot be of any use to your readers. leaving your older posts unattended for a longer period of time is a big blogging mistake as it gets outdated with time resulting in high bounce rate.

Make sure to update your blog content on a regular basis even if it is a small correction in typos or a grammatical mistake. Updating your content on a regular basis will help you improve your blog’s page ranking and traffic.

5.    Avoid procrastination

This is a problem that we all face in the business of blogging. Most of us keep on postponing things until the last moment. It could be writing a new post, updating the content, optimization or simply adding a new image to the blog. Procrastination is a human nature and we cannot avoid it. Just accept it and create a plan to avoid it. 

I would suggest setting a deadline for each and everything thing that you want to do to improve your blog. For example, if you want to write a new post set a deadline for it. Keep the deadline in mind and keep writing according to your convenience. You are more likely to finish a task if you set a deadline for it.

6.    Avoid changing web design frequently 

Changes in blog design can impact your blog statics negatively as well as positively. A user-friendly blog design can significantly improve the traffic in your blog. On the contrary, a poor blog design can impact your blog traffic negatively. The bloggers who frequently change their blog layout or templates unknowingly do more harm to their blog than good.

Changes in design impact your blog statics and result in loss of traffic as well as page ranking. Therefore, make sure to closely examine the pros and cons of a web design on your blog statics. Always choose a user-friendly interface that can help readers to navigate your blog easily. 

7.    Avoid writing long paragraphs with no subheadings 

Always remember most of the readers scan articles rather than actually reading it. Writing short sentences with several subheadings or bullets points will significantly improve the readability of your article. Make sure to avoid typos and grammatical mistakes. Readers are most likely to revisit your blog if they find your content easy to read. 

Keep room for a lot of white spaces in your post, highlight the key information in the article and avoid using technical words. Bold headings and subheadings make it easier for the readers to understand the content of an article. So even if they scan your article they will be able to gain something.

8.    Avoid forcing readers to read your post

Some of the bloggers post their articles so frequently that it gets difficult for the readers to determine which one they should read. It is considered as a big blogging mistake.

Make sure to give sufficient gaps while sharing your article with your audience. Frequent posting can adversely impact your blog traffic. Sharing is good as long as you do it in moderation. 

9.    Avoid using several platforms at a time to market your blog 

Beginner bloggers usually believe that they would get more traffic if they post their content on several platforms. However, in reality, you are more likely to attract readers if you have better networks. So focus on networking rather than increasing the number of marketing platforms. Once you have created a strong network you will find it easier to market your blog.

10.    Avoid early monetization 

Wait for at least three months before you think of monetizing your blog. Some of the beginner bloggers begin to display ads on their blog in the very first month of their blogging. Always remember, PPC, affiliate marketing or any other monetizing plan cannot generate income for you unless you have decent traffic on your blog. Ideally, you should monetize you blog once you begin to receive decent traffic. 

Some of you may ask what decent traffic is. Well, the meaning of decent traffic varies according to the niche of a blog. Some of the topics are very popular such as health and beauty, sex and relationships etc. You will begin to see an increase in blog traffic instantly if you write on these niches.  However, if you write on not so popular niches such as surgical equipment or nuclear science etc., you may not get as many visitors as other blogs get. 

For example, if you write on a popular niche and on an average 100 visitors read your blog daily, you may NOT call it a decent traffic. Whereas, if a not-so-popular niche based blog gets 100 page views per day you may call it a decent traffic. 

Therefore, use your discretion to determine whether your blog is receiving decent traffic or not.    

Is there any other blogging mistake that you would like to share with us? If you liked this article, please post your comments and share it with others. 

If you want to learn more tips for creating a successful blog, please feel free to subscribe. Keep reading! Keep sharing!

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7 Typical Habits of Successful Bloggers

Blogging is something that can help us achieve the things that we all long for i.e. freedom, fame and money. The journey of blogging is not only interesting but also full of several ups and downs. As a blogger, we all experience almost same things irrespective of the level of success we have achieved. There are some common traits that we typically find in almost all the bloggers.

The blogging habits of successful bloggers are not different from the other bloggers. The successful bloggers do not do different things. However, they do things differently.

Let’s check out seven typical habits of successful bloggers as well as not so successful bloggers.

1.      Frequently check blog statistics: bloggers typically check their blog statics several times a day. Some bloggers are so obsessive about their blog statics that they check it every half an hour. If they could not check it at a regular interval they feel they have missed something. Bloggers feel happy when they see decent traffic on their blog. On the other hand, little traffic makes them sad. 

    Successful bloggers use blog analytics to create their blogging strategy. They work out ways to improve their blog statistics. You cannot expect to create a successful blog unless you know how to use blog analysis tools to your advantage.

2.      Frequently share their posts: bloggers find great pleasure in sharing their post. Some bloggers share it so frequently that even their near and dear ones start ignoring their posts. Beware of this kind of blogging habit. Sharing is good as long as you do it in moderation. 

    Successful bloggers focus on one social media platform at a time. They never use these platforms for spamming. Once they begin to get a good response from one platform they move on to other social media platforms.

    Successful bloggers consider email list building a core function of blogging. If you want to be a successful blogger you need to take email list building seriously. 

3.      Frequently look for comments: reader's comment is something that makes every blogger happy. Comments enable the blogger to understand the quality of their blog and how successful they are as a blogger. Interestingly, new bloggers reply to each and every comment, whereas; some of the bloggers hardly find time to reply to the comments.

    If you want to be a successful blogger you must reply to the comments of your readers. The majority of the successful bloggers make sure to reply to the comments of their readers and never entertain spam comments.

4.      Frequently creates content for the blog: content is the lifeline of a blog. Without content, you cannot think of monetizing your blog. For most of the bloggers, more content means more traffic. Successful bloggers make sure that they publish at least two to three posts per week, whereas; a majority of the bloggers publish their content randomly once or twice a month.

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    If you want your blog to be indexed regularly by Google, you must create a posting schedule and publish your content on a regular basis. 

5.      Prefer blogging over other things: blogging is so addictive that bloggers find other things in life less important. Successful bloggers find blogging more entertaining than any other entertainment. The meaning of happiness changes for them. The things that used to give them pleasure once, they begin to think of them as a wastage of time. And this level of blogging passion makes some of them a successful blogger one day.  
6.      Change template and layout of the blog to improve user experience: New bloggers frequently change layout and design of their blog. They never get satisfied with their blog templates. On the other hand, successful bloggers who have been earning a decent income from their blog think twice before making any changes to their blog layout.

     Successful bloggers focus on improving the user experience. They make sure to use layout and templates that can provide easy navigation and improved user experience.  Successful bloggers understand that the design of a blog plays an important role in successful monetization as well as audience engagement. 

7.      Think about their blog several times a day: Successful bloggers cannot ignore thinking about their blog. They think of it several times a day, no matter where they are. This is something that makes them happy. They plan about their next post. They think about the money they can possibly make from their blog. And, several other thoughts related to their blog come across their mind throughout the day. 

habits of successful bloggers

So these are some of the typical habits of successful bloggers. Which of these habits do you relate yourself with? Is there any other interesting habit that you would like me to include in this list? Please feel free to share with me.

Can you relate yourself the habits of successful bloggers, if yes, please share your blogging habits with us. If you liked this article, please post your comments and share it with others. 

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Saturday, 10 October 2015

How to Overcome the Fears That Haunt You as a Blogger

In my previous post, I pointed out some of the questions that bloggers often ask themselves. In this post, I have come up with the answers including tips for successful blogging. I hope they help you overcome the fears that haunt you as a blogger.

In fact, the questions that I had pointed out in my previous post are nothing but just your fears or unpleasant emotions. These emotions drain your energy and make you weak. 

I know most of you know how to deal with negative thoughts or emotions as a blogger. You can post your suggestions in the comment box. It will help other bloggers to overcome the fears they experience as a blogger. 

In this post, I am going to present some suggestions. I hope it inspires you to become a successful blogger.

Tips for successful blogging

Let’s begin with the first question:

1.      Am I in the right business? Yes, you are in the right business if blogging in your passion. Tell me why men are the best chefs in the world while in the majority of the homes women cook food. Because men are crazy about food. 

Why women are the better homemakers than their male counterparts. Because they are good at managing their homes. If you are crazy about blogging, success cannot elude you for long.

If you have not been able to achieve the kind of success you are longing for, you need to put in more efforts to make things happen. Just think about the worst that can happen to you if you fail as a blogger. Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars. Stop questioning your capabilities. Believe in yourself.

Robert Fuller commented rightly on my previous post:
“Belief in oneself is the magical component in any great endeavor. It is great to see you sharing the inspiration!”

Many of you might be regretting why you entered the business of blogging. You might be thinking you wasted your time, energy and money. I would advise such bloggers to get out of this mindset. Think about the things that you have gained over the years. 

If you think you failed as a blogger, don't give up. Don't feel sad. Don't lose hope. You still have so many other things to share with your audience. Share the reasons that resulted in your failure. Share why you failed as a blogger. There are many bloggers out there who would love to read you. Life is too short to learn from your own mistakes. Learn from others’ mistakes.

2.      How long will it take to get success? Always remember there is no shortcut to success. Success is something that we should earn. Success never comes easily. The only key to getting success is to keep working hard. And most importantly keep negative thoughts at bay. Believe me, hard work never goes in vain. 

According to Robert Collier, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

 If 100 people read your blog every day you are already successful. Otherwise, who has got time to read others blog. Now the only thing you have to do is to grow your audience. Just have some patience; you never know how close you are to success until the time you meet her face to face one day. So never give up on your dreams.

3.      Am I wasting my time blogging? Of course, you are wasting your time blogging if you blog with the sole intention of making money from your blog. Blogging is not just about money making. More than that it is about sharing your expertise with your readers. 

Of course, money is a great motivator, but the most important thing is that you should write your blog with the intention of helping out others in realizing their dreams. The money will follow.

Why anybody would read your blog if you don’t have anything valuable to share with them. If you are good at gardening you can share your new tips and ideas with your targeted audience. Similarly, if cooking is your passion you can share your best tips with your audience. 

The most important thing is that you should know what your real passion is. If you like what you do, success cannot elude for long. 

I like what Cheryle Ramos commented on my previous post:
"I have no doubt and I won't deny that blogging makes me happy. And doing what makes you happy is not bad at all. I think it's a matter of time"

If blogging makes you happy, success will be yours sooner or later. Keep experimenting and learn new things that you can share with your readers. Writing hardly takes any time, but learning does. Change your niche if success eludes you for long. Changing the niche might change the way things are going right now.

4.      Am I spending too much time on my blog? I would say yes if blogging is affecting your personal and professional life. Don’t think that the more time you will spend on your blog, the closer you will be to success. 

Believe me, you never know when a new idea might come across your mind. It can come at any place. It can be at your office or at home. It can be at a parking lot, or simply while driving a car or playing with your kids.

There is no ideal environment for creative thoughts. In my opinion, every moment is ideal for creativity provided that you should know what you can best create at that point of the moment.

5.      Why don’t people read my blog? Don’t think that people don’t read your blog. People do read your blog but it’s just that they might not have time to post comments or they find other blogs more useful than yours. Here I would suggest you to make your post more engaging.

If you are in the habit of checking your statics every hour or two, just get out of this habit. The people who frequently check their statistics fail to realize the overall impact of their blog. The important thing is that your blog statics should improve with time.

If in the first month of your blogging 1000 users visited your blog and in the subsequent months you have noticed a progress in your blog statics you should be more than happy.

You need to understand that hundreds and thousands of bloggers post their content every day, and readers cannot read all the content that the bloggers post every day. They choose the best topics and niche that they find interesting and informative.

By the way, how many blog articles do you read every day? I am sure most of you would be spending more time writing your blog than reading others post. Why do you expect others to read your post when you yourself do not read the post of others? Always remember a good reader becomes a better writer. A good listener becomes a great orator.

While landing on this page, you would have thought twice should you read it or not. The movement you lose interest in the topic you will close the browser and move on to another blog.

So to increase the page views of your blog it is important that you should write something that people really want to know about. Your post should be interesting, informative and engaging. These are the three key ingredients of a great post.

6.      What’s wrong with my blog? Believe me, there is nothing wrong with your blog. As a blogger, you put in hard work, time and efforts to make your blog good enough to be read by readers. If after doing everything that you can possibly do, you do not get the expected response you begin to ask this question. Don’t ask questions just reevaluate your approach.

There can be many reasons behind it. You might have chosen the wrong niche to write about. You might not have been able to optimize your blog. You might have been making the mistake of rewriting the content from other websites. You can read my post “how to create unique and useful blog content” to create a better content for your website.

7.      Why am I not able to create a viral post? As I said in my previous post, a viral post is not created it just happens. So stop wasting your time creating a viral post. Just focus on quality content and try to connect with your audience. They are not looking for something extraordinary. They want something that they can understand easily. They are looking for something that can help them achieve their goals. They are looking for something they can relate to.

When you read an article on SEO, your intention is to optimize your blog for search engines. You are more likely to come back to those sites where you find informative and easy to digest content. In fact, we read and reread content that we find useful and valuable. And that very quality of an article makes it viral.

No one knows in advance that their post is going to be viral. Just focus on your work. And, who knows one day you might experience what it feels like when a post goes viral.

8.      What is the secret of blogging? There is no secret formula to get success in the business of blogging. Just look at the successful bloggers and try to figure out what makes them successful. The successful bloggers always make sure that they pass on their secret of success to others. And that very quality makes them successful.

In other words, the only secret of blogging is to let others know your secret of success in any field. This is what successful blogger do. As soon as they know something useful and valuable they immediately share it with their audience. This very quality of bloggers makes them successful. There is only one secret of blogging. Keep creating useful content and share it with others.

9.      What do others think about my blog (genuinely)? People do not have much time to think about your blog because they are too busy with their own blog/business. So stop thinking what others think about your blog. We all have our opinions. Some people may like your blog while others may not.

Usefulness of a blog is determined by the readers. If someone does not like your post it does not necessarily mean others dislike it too. If you receive a few positive comments on your blog that is more than enough to know that people like your blog. Others may not have the time to comment on your post.

Always remember constructive negative comments also help us create better content. So never get disheartened if someone gives you negative comments.

10.   Am I losing my audience to my competitors? I would advise such bloggers to just get out of this mindset. First, a slight decline in traffic does not show you have lost the audience to your competitors. Second, if you have been experiencing a steep decline in traffic it is clearly a sign of danger. What should a blogger do in such a situation? Identify the real causes of decline and fix them. 

However, even after your best effort, if you fail to get back your audience there is no need to worry. You should be thankful to God that you have enjoyed your success journey. There are many more bloggers who have still not been able to experience the success you have enjoyed. If you are a passionate blogger you can always start from the scratch.

11.   How my blog is fairing against my counterparts? I would again advise bloggers to get out of this mindset. Don’t compare your progress with others’ blogs. Just focus on your own blog. If you really want to compare something compare your progress with your own blog. Compare your monthly progress. Compare your monthly statics. If you notice a rise in the number of visitors, it is a good sign of progress.

We all have our personal and professional commitments. Some of us might not be able to devote much time to our blog. So it is natural that our progress will be comparatively slower than the people who are lucky enough to spend more time on their blog.

Similarly, some of us might not be lucky enough to hire professional services to optimize our blog that can also impact our progress. Here the golden rule is to learn from your own mistakes. Don’t repeat your mistakes and never let negative thoughts dominate you.

So these are some of the points that you must keep in mind as a blogger. Believe me, success cannot elude you for long. Never let negative thoughts kill your spirit. Never let negative thoughts prevent you from realizing your dream.

You would have noticed you always create best things when you are in the best of your form. So take up your work with a positive approach and make every possible effort to make things happen. Do blogging with that kind of spirit.

Do you have any other tips for successful blogging, please share with us. If you like this article, please feel free to post your comments and share it with others.

Keep reading, keep sharing!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

11 Things Bloggers Often Ask Themselves

Blogging is a crazy business. As a blogger, you face several blogging problems and need the answer to hundreds of blogging questions. 

As a beginner blogger, you know you stand nowhere in comparison to leading bloggers, but you still believe you will make it one day. Reading others success stories, fill you with positive energy while your own blog’s poor statistics makes you sad. 

You write every post with the hope that this is going to perform better than your previous one, but you fail again. Despite sluggish progress, you keep writing and publishing new posts. This is the beauty of blogging business.

If you think you are the only one who has been facing these blogging problems, forget it! There are hundreds and thousands of bloggers who experience same things as you do. Let’s check out some of the questions bloggers often ask themselves.

Blogging questions bloggers often ask themselves

1.      Am I in the right business? 

Bloggers often ask this question when they do not get success even after years of blogging. Sluggish progress in blog statistics makes them sad and they start asking themselves are they in the right business.

2.      How long will it take to get success? 

Bloggers want to get success quickly. This is a question that even bloggers who have just started blogging want to know about. If you have been blogging for years without success, you would ask this question out of frustration.

3.      Am I wasting my time blogging? 

If you do not see any progress at all in your blog even after years of blogging this is the most relevant question you may ask yourself.

4.      Am I spending too much time on my blog? 

If your personal and professional life is getting affected by your blogging habit you cannot ignore this question. Blogging is no doubt more addictive than several other addictions.

5.      Why don’t people read my post? 

This is a universal question. When you get 10 page-views you ask why it isn't 100 page-views. At least 100 people should have read my post. After all, it is not that bad. The day you hit the mark of 100 page views you start asking why it isn't 1000.

6.      What’s wrong with my blog? 

You have created a great post (at least you believe it), you have optimized it, and you have posted it. You did everything. Still you failed. If you don’t get the kind of response you were expecting, it is quite natural you would be forced to ask what’s wrong with your blog.

7.      Why am I not able to create a viral post? 

You would have heard about viral content that has the potential to make a blog popular within a few days. And you want to create something like that. This question is most likely to arise if despite your best possible efforts you are not able to create a viral post. Always remember, viral posts are not created they just happen. Just keep creating quality content.

8.      What is the secret of blogging? 

When success eludes, bloggers start searching for the secret of blogging. They read one blog after another and come to the conclusion that writing quality content is the only secret of blogging.

9.      What do others think about my blog (genuinely)?

This is something every blogger wants to know about. Friends may not express their true opinion about your blog out of fear that it might heart your feelings. And, visitors might not always comment. So you keep wondering what others think about your blog.

10.   Am I losing my audience to my competitors? 

This is the problem of successful bloggers. A slight decline in traffic makes them think have they lost their audience to competitors.

11.   How my blog is faring against my counterparts? 

If your blog is three months old, you start comparing your progress with other bloggers who have been blogging for the same period of time. Or you just want to figure out what progress leading blogs had made in the same duration of time.

If you like this article, please do share with others. If there is any other blogging question that comes to your mind, please feel free to share with us. Keep reading, keep sharing! 

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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Four Reasons Why Freelance Is the Future of Work


Freelance is increasingly gaining importance as the future of work. Freelancing has emerged as one of the most important sources of income for workers in the recent past years. There are several factors that resulted in the growth of freelancing trends. Important among them include, increasing demand for talented professionals, the growth of online freelancing sites, advances in information technology, the rapid increase in small businesses, cost saving advantages, increasing work flexibility, and a decline in the number of traditional jobs.

Traditionally, unemployed without a permanent job used to pursue freelancing. However, today skilled professionals with many years of experiences are pursuing freelancing as a career. If you have the right talent and the right approach to work you can make income in 6 figures on online freelancing platforms.

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Key reasons for the growth of freelancing trend

In the US, more than 34% of the working population works as a freelancer. The freelancing trend is on the rise. There are two main reasons behind the growth of the freelancing trend. 

First, employers (demand side) are increasingly finding outsourcing an effective method of saving costs on product and services. And, the employers who cannot afford full-time workers find freelance workers best substitutes to get their work done.

Second, workers (supply side) are increasingly finding freelancing better than traditional jobs. Freelancing not only provides work flexibility but also the freedom to choose clients. Talented workers view company politics, work inflexibility, and lack of work-life balance hurdles in their career advancement within a company. 

Today’s workers are more interested in career development than career advancement within a company. Consequently, workers are increasingly joining online freelancing platforms to make the best use of their skills.

Success in the traditional work environment depends on your ability to contribute to the growth of a company. Along with work skills, you also need the art of keeping your seniors happy.  

In such an environment, good relationship with the senior is more important than capabilities and skills. Companies mostly use talented workers to their advantage. If the company finds you good enough to do a task you will be required to work more than the usually working hours of the company. Consequently, it results in work pressure and stress.

The future of freelancing

There are four factors that are most likely to contribute to the growth of freelancing in the future namely, growing blogging trend, advances in information technology, declining traditional jobs, and demographic shifts.

Growth in small businesses and blogging trend

There are several factors that contributed to the growth of blogging concept. Blogging has changed the business of publishing. Now writers are not depended on publishers to showcase their work. If your audience likes what you write, you do not need the support of established publishers to showcase your work. Blogging platforms provide equal opportunity to all people to showcase their talent. Moreover, it provides you the opportunity to make money online. That is why blogging is increasingly becoming popular.

Now the question arises how growth in blogging will help in the growth of freelance jobs. First, you need to understand that if you are good at writing it does not mean you are also good at other aspects of blogging such as search engine optimization, marketing, web designing or logo designing. You will need the help of freelance experts to get help in other areas of blogging.

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There are thousands of bloggers who have successfully monetized their blog and are now looking for the freelancer who can help them in different areas of blogging. Successful bloggers are ready to pay handsome amount to freelancers who have expertise in their field of work. For example, if you are an SEO expert you can help bloggers in blog optimization to rank higher in search engine results. Similarly, if you know how to market a blog successfully you can make money by marketing the website of potential clients.

Small businesses are increasingly finding blog an effective tool for reaching out to their targeted audience. The blog enables small businesses to connect with their consumers. Moreover, the website enables the small business owners to showcase their products and services. With the rise in small businesses, demand for freelance workers will also increase.

Advances in information technology

In the contemporary world, technology is ruling our professional as well as personal lives. The internet has revolutionized the way we operate our businesses and interact with people. Advances in technology have made the world a global village. It has enabled people to work for employers from across the world. Online Freelancing platforms are the result of advances in technologies. The freelancing platform enables the employer and employee to interact and transact business in the same platform.

Online marketplaces help freelancer not only in getting a job but also facilitate other noncore functions such as accounting, tracking job progress and money transfer. Similarly, these platforms help employers to find a suitable freelancer who can carry out a job effectively. All these developments have been made possible due to the advances in technology.

In the near future, technologies will completely change the work culture. Companies will hire freelancers online to design a product, and use the services of marketing experts to successfully launch the product. Such work environment will have no geographical constraints. The employers will be able to hire talented people from any part of the world irrespective of their location.

Declining traditional jobs

Unfortunately, the technology that has helped in the growth of online work culture is responsible for the decline in traditional jobs. Companies are increasingly outsourcing noncore functions to outside providers. Government Jobs are on the decline. Small businesses are utilizing the services of single providers to get their work done. Small businesses are increasingly finding outsourcing an effective way of saving costs. Outsourcing enables an employer to save costs on salaries, medical benefits and other administrative expenses such as office rent.

Demographic changes

Today’s young generation finds digital means of communication an effective method of connecting with their friends and family members. At the same time, the tech-savvy generation is smart enough to use technology to make money online. On the other hand, baby boomer generation finds online freelancing platforms good enough to work from the convenience of their home. 
The number of young entrepreneurs has increased significantly over the years. Interestingly, young entrepreneurs are increasingly using the expertise, experience, and skills of baby boomer generation to their advantage. Educated and tech-savvy women are increasingly joining online platforms to earn money online. These developments will help in maintaining a balance between demand and supply.

There is no doubt freelancing will gain more popularity in the coming years. Online platforms will be the new digital workplace for freelancers. Employers will hire employees online rather than renting expensive offices on prime locations to accommodate staff.  

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