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Four Reasons Why Freelance Is the Future of Work


Freelance is increasingly gaining importance as the future of work. Freelancing has emerged as one of the most important sources of income for workers in the recent past years. There are several factors that resulted in the growth of freelancing trends. Important among them include, increasing demand for talented professionals, the growth of online freelancing sites, advances in information technology, the rapid increase in small businesses, cost saving advantages, increasing work flexibility, and a decline in the number of traditional jobs.

Traditionally, unemployed without a permanent job used to pursue freelancing. However, today skilled professionals with many years of experiences are pursuing freelancing as a career. If you have the right talent and the right approach to work you can make income in 6 figures on online freelancing platforms.

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Key reasons for the growth of freelancing trend

In the US, more than 34% of the working population works as a freelancer. The freelancing trend is on the rise. There are two main reasons behind the growth of the freelancing trend. 

First, employers (demand side) are increasingly finding outsourcing an effective method of saving costs on product and services. And, the employers who cannot afford full-time workers find freelance workers best substitutes to get their work done.

Second, workers (supply side) are increasingly finding freelancing better than traditional jobs. Freelancing not only provides work flexibility but also the freedom to choose clients. Talented workers view company politics, work inflexibility, and lack of work-life balance hurdles in their career advancement within a company. 

Today’s workers are more interested in career development than career advancement within a company. Consequently, workers are increasingly joining online freelancing platforms to make the best use of their skills.

Success in the traditional work environment depends on your ability to contribute to the growth of a company. Along with work skills, you also need the art of keeping your seniors happy.  

In such an environment, good relationship with the senior is more important than capabilities and skills. Companies mostly use talented workers to their advantage. If the company finds you good enough to do a task you will be required to work more than the usually working hours of the company. Consequently, it results in work pressure and stress.

The future of freelancing

There are four factors that are most likely to contribute to the growth of freelancing in the future namely, growing blogging trend, advances in information technology, declining traditional jobs, and demographic shifts.

Growth in small businesses and blogging trend

There are several factors that contributed to the growth of blogging concept. Blogging has changed the business of publishing. Now writers are not depended on publishers to showcase their work. If your audience likes what you write, you do not need the support of established publishers to showcase your work. Blogging platforms provide equal opportunity to all people to showcase their talent. Moreover, it provides you the opportunity to make money online. That is why blogging is increasingly becoming popular.

Now the question arises how growth in blogging will help in the growth of freelance jobs. First, you need to understand that if you are good at writing it does not mean you are also good at other aspects of blogging such as search engine optimization, marketing, web designing or logo designing. You will need the help of freelance experts to get help in other areas of blogging.

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There are thousands of bloggers who have successfully monetized their blog and are now looking for the freelancer who can help them in different areas of blogging. Successful bloggers are ready to pay handsome amount to freelancers who have expertise in their field of work. For example, if you are an SEO expert you can help bloggers in blog optimization to rank higher in search engine results. Similarly, if you know how to market a blog successfully you can make money by marketing the website of potential clients.

Small businesses are increasingly finding blog an effective tool for reaching out to their targeted audience. The blog enables small businesses to connect with their consumers. Moreover, the website enables the small business owners to showcase their products and services. With the rise in small businesses, demand for freelance workers will also increase.

Advances in information technology

In the contemporary world, technology is ruling our professional as well as personal lives. The internet has revolutionized the way we operate our businesses and interact with people. Advances in technology have made the world a global village. It has enabled people to work for employers from across the world. Online Freelancing platforms are the result of advances in technologies. The freelancing platform enables the employer and employee to interact and transact business in the same platform.

Online marketplaces help freelancer not only in getting a job but also facilitate other noncore functions such as accounting, tracking job progress and money transfer. Similarly, these platforms help employers to find a suitable freelancer who can carry out a job effectively. All these developments have been made possible due to the advances in technology.

In the near future, technologies will completely change the work culture. Companies will hire freelancers online to design a product, and use the services of marketing experts to successfully launch the product. Such work environment will have no geographical constraints. The employers will be able to hire talented people from any part of the world irrespective of their location.

Declining traditional jobs

Unfortunately, the technology that has helped in the growth of online work culture is responsible for the decline in traditional jobs. Companies are increasingly outsourcing noncore functions to outside providers. Government Jobs are on the decline. Small businesses are utilizing the services of single providers to get their work done. Small businesses are increasingly finding outsourcing an effective way of saving costs. Outsourcing enables an employer to save costs on salaries, medical benefits and other administrative expenses such as office rent.

Demographic changes

Today’s young generation finds digital means of communication an effective method of connecting with their friends and family members. At the same time, the tech-savvy generation is smart enough to use technology to make money online. On the other hand, baby boomer generation finds online freelancing platforms good enough to work from the convenience of their home. 
The number of young entrepreneurs has increased significantly over the years. Interestingly, young entrepreneurs are increasingly using the expertise, experience, and skills of baby boomer generation to their advantage. Educated and tech-savvy women are increasingly joining online platforms to earn money online. These developments will help in maintaining a balance between demand and supply.

There is no doubt freelancing will gain more popularity in the coming years. Online platforms will be the new digital workplace for freelancers. Employers will hire employees online rather than renting expensive offices on prime locations to accommodate staff.  

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