Wednesday, 30 September 2015

How to overcome the problems you experience as a new freelancer

Sometimes working on online freelancing sites is not only challenging but also frustrating. As a new freelancer you must know how to get success on online freelance platforms, if you want to pursue freelancing as a full-time job. At the same time, it is important that you should know how to overcome freelancing problems.

Freelance advice for the new freelancers to overcome freelance problems

Keep you motivation high

Self-motivation is the key to success on online freelancing platforms. When you work on a project always think about your long term goals and do not get discouraged by the barriers in your work. Keep working hard and win over clients by your excellent work quality. 

Positive feedback from the clients is a great source of motivation on online freelancing platforms. At the same time don’t get frustrated if a client gives you negative feedbacks.

As a new freelancer you must learn new skills to maintain a competitive edge in the industry. Share and discuss your problems with experienced freelancers on freelancing forums. You will come across several other freelancers on forums that might experiencing similar problems. Give vent to your frustration on discussion rooms.

Patience is the key to finding right clients on online freelance sites

Finding clients on freelancing sites may be difficult but it is not impossible. Keep bidding for the jobs that you believe you can do efficiently. Always remember do not bid for jobs that you think you cannot perform well. 

Create an impressive profile and make sure to showcase your past achievements and work in your portfolio. If possible, create a personalized proposal for every job you apply for. Highlight your skills, past experience and competencies in your proposal to win over potential clients.

The feedbacks that a freelancer receives from clients play an important role in winning over potential clients on freelancing platforms. Building reputation on online freelancing platforms helps in winning more job contracts.

There are several clients who would love to hire you if you have some patience. For more details, you can read my article how to win over clients on online freelancing platforms.

Focus on quality work

Bidding low for jobs cannot always help you win contracts. Even if you win several low-value contracts you cannot maintain your living standard. Therefore, it is important to quote reasonable and realistic rates for every job contract. 

It is worth noting that good clients do not award job contracts solely on the basis of the bid amount. They also take into consideration your skills, competencies, and experience while awarding a job contract.

Remember your work quality speaks volumes about your skills, experience and competencies. Money hardly matters when it comes to quality work, you will come across several clients who would not mind paying you high rates if they like your work. Therefore, focus on work quality rather than low bidding.

As a new freelancer you must do financial planning

If you work as a freelancer it is important that you should invest to meet your future needs and medical exigencies. Financial planning is extremely important for a freelancer as it provides financial security and enhances confidence.

I would advice new freelancers to  save some money from your monthly income to build a secure future. You can invest in pension schemes, medical and life insurance or bonds and security. If you have knowledge of share market you can also buy shares of companies as it gives a good return on investment.

A strong financial planning will help you to focus on your work and you will experience high motivation and confidence.

Avoid clients with bad payment history

Clients always read feedbacks of the freelancers before awarding a job. Similarly, it is important that you should also read the feedbacks that the client has received from other freelancers. Do not work for clients with bad payment history and poor feedbacks. By adopting this strategy, you will be able to avoid annoying clients with unrealistic expectations.

Payment history of a client shows how prompt a client is in releasing funds to the providers, and feedbacks show how satisfied the client is with his/her providers. Reading past history of the clients can help you save your time and efforts. If you work with good clients the questions of unrealistic expectations and annoyance will never arise.

Create a contingency plan

Don’t expect that clients will always pay you on time. Keep some money to deal with delayed payment. Clients might ask you to make some corrections in the project and might not release the funds until they are satisfied with end results. So it is important that you should keep some cash in hand to meet your monthly expenses. If you want to pursue freelancing as a career you can take up part time job to support you ambition of becoming a successful freelancer. Working part time will help you create cash reserves. 
The majority of clients on online freelancing platforms pays on time. However, some might not be able to pay you on time due to one or other reasons. Having some cash in hand will help you overcome the problem of delayed payment.

What freelance advice would you give to the new freelancers to get work on online freelance sites? please feel free to share your advice or experience with us.

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