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How to Win Over Clients on Online Freelancing Sites

To get success on online freelancing sites, it is important that you should know how to win over clients. Working with clients on online platforms is a roller coaster ride. It not only requires skills and knowledge to complete the job successfully but also the ability to deal with annoying and irritating clients.

As an online freelancer, you come across a variety of clients with different attitudes and expectations. The majority of clients love to hire freelancers who are experts in their field of work. If you are an expert in your field of work you will hardly find it difficult to win the confidence of a good client.

However, sometimes even the expert freelancers find it difficult to deal with moody, annoying and irritating clients.

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Here are some online freelancing tips that can help you win the confidence of clients on online freelancing platforms.

Online freelancing tips to win more clients on freelancing sites

Create an impressive job profile

An attractive profile and impressive portfolio play an important role in the attracting the clients on online freelancing sites. Make sure you fill all the necessary information in your profile including your picture, educational qualification, job experience, and introduction. 

Your portfolio must contain samples of your latest work, links to websites where you have contributed and most importantly your skills. A good profile helps attract good clients and keeps fraudulent clients at bay.

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Treat the job as your own

Some freelancers make the mistake of assuming that a little carelessness one their part won’t affect the quality of work. They get overconfident and fail to exceed the expectations of the client. Most of the clients with good feedback and payment history either ask for correction in the work or ignore loopholes in the work. Sometimes they make the necessary correction themselves. However, such attitude significantly reduces chances of getting hired in the future. 

Always remember good clients are not short of good providers. They have plenty of freelancers to work for them and providers also prefer to work with clients having an impressive payment history. Therefore, always make sure you provide the best quality work to clients even if it is of small value in terms of money. 

Keep in touch with the client

Once you have got a contract make sure you give prompt reply to client’s message. It not only helps in satisfying the queries of the client but also winning the confidence of the client. Above all, it helps in carrying out the jobs successfully as the client might provide you more insight into the nature of the job and how it can be completed successfully.

Update the clients about the work on a regular basis

Updating client about the work progress makes a good impression on the client. It shows that you are serious about your job and working at your level best to complete the project within the deadlines.

Communicate in friendly yet professional tone

No matter how candidly your client talks to you always make sure you treat him like a client. It will not only help you maintain a professional relationship with the client but also win the respect of the client. Overly-friendly relation with a client is a loss for a client as well as the provider. The client might ask for free work or late payment, and provider might get tempted to ask for an early release of payment. In both the situations, the relationship gradually comes to an end.

Maintain professional attitude

Always treat freelancing as a profession, not as a hobby. Never consider freelance work a source of easy money making. Freelancing provides you the freedom to choose your client, platform and work, but at the same time, it demands more work discipline and responsibility. 

You might come across many fake and fraudulent clients on freelancing platforms. Try to avoid such clients politely as they not only waste your time but can also damage your reputation on an online platform.

If you find a client irritating or annoying make sure you end the contract on a friendly note. Never use foul language as it can damage your reputation. Bring the matter to the knowledge of website’s support team if the client misbehaves.  

Exceed the work expectations of the client

Providing mediocre work to your client cannot help you establish a long-term relationship with the client. Your impressive profile, excellent communication skills, and job success can help in landing a contract, but always remember they cannot guarantee repeat jobs. 

Therefore, it is important to put your best foot forward to complete the job. Exceeding the expectations of the client helps win the confidence of the client which in turn helps get more work. 

Do you find these online freelancing tips useful to get work on freelancing sites? Please feel free to share your freelancing tips to win more clients. If you liked this article, please share it with others.

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