Monday, 14 March 2016

How to add blogspot blog property to Google search console

Although, Blogspot or Blogger blog property is automatically added to the Google search console, however, sometimes it does not happen and you are required to manually verify your property.

Google search console also know as Google webmaster tools provide you several benefits. It helps you understand the site problems and guides you to fix the problems to enhance the performance of your website or blog.

If you have a Blogspot blog and planning to verify the property in Google search console you will have to take following steps:

Steps to add Blogspot blog property to Google Search Console

  • Login to Google search console and click on Add property. Once you have clicked on Add property you will see several options to choose from.

  • Here I would suggest you to choose HTML code. The benefit of choosing this option is that it is fast and best for Blogspot blogs.

  • Once you have selected HTML option, Google will generate a code automatically. You will see a code that you will have to add to your blogger blog.

  • Now you will have to copy the code and paste it on to the HTML of the template you are using for your blog.

  • To add the code to your template HTML click templates then click on HTML. You will see a window like this.

add blogspot blog property

  • The HTML window shows you several codes that you might not be familiar with especially if you are a new blogger. Here the important thing is to past the code in the right place.

  • Therefore, it is important you should know where to paste the code. You have to add the code just after the first <head> section of the HTML as you can see in the screenshot.

verify website property

  • Finally, make sure to save the arrangements. Most of the bloggers make the mistake of not saving the arrangements.

  • Now go to your Google search console and verify the property and you are done.

Once the Google search console successfully verifies your website property you are ready to use it.

Google search console is an effective tool to understand the problems with your site. Moreover, it also provides insight into important blog statistics. 

If you are seriously pursuing blogging, you must also align Google analytics with Google search console. It will help you not only to understand the problems on your website but also the performance of your blog.

If you have successfully verified your site on Google search console, please make sure to share it with others. If you have been facing problems verifying your website property, please feel free to write to me. 

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