Thursday, 9 June 2016

How to create a custom XML sitemap for blogger blog

An XML Sitemap is used by the search engine bots to index your site. You can create a custom XML Sitemap for your blogger blog anytime you want and direct Google bots what content to index and what to ignore on your site.

If you want to create an XML Sitemap for your blog you can use various online tools. If you have BlogSpot blog you can use this sitemap tool to generate one for your site. Moreover, there are several other online sitemap generator tools  that you can use to create XML Sitemap for your site.

Once you have created an XML Sitemap for your blog you need to add it to your robots.txt file and also submit it to Google Search Console.

Custom robots.txt plays an important role in improving the indexing and search ranking of your blog pages. Therefore, it is extremely important to use this option very carefully. Make sure you copy the full code and paste it in the right place. Here is a sample code to help you understand how a custom robot.txt file looks like.

Blogger blog xml sitemap

In the above code replace Sitemap code with the code you have generated using the above-mentioned tools.

To add XML Sitemap to BlogSpot blog simply follow the following steps.

  1. Open you blogger blog’s dashboard 
  2. Click on setting then click search preferences 
  3. In search preferences, you will find custom robot.txt under Crawlers and indexing. Now click edit next to custom robot text and past the customized code 
  4. Finally, save the arrangements and you are done (make sure to save the arrangements)

This method will not only help you to add XML Sitemap but also create custom Robot.txt for your blog. Now search engines will be able to index a maximum of 500 pages in your blog.

Once you have published your blog post, sooner or later search engines will index your blog content. However, you can significantly improve the indexing of your site by submitting it to Google Search Console.

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