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How to Make a Living as an Online Freelancer

earn money as a freelancer

Freelance aspirants often ask is it possible to make a living as an online freelancer. I would say YES if you have requisite skills to work as a freelancer. And NO if want to pursue freelancing just because you believe it would be easier for you to earn money as a freelancer.

Freelancing is one of the toughest jobs in the word. Unlike traditional jobs, it neither provides you job security nor paid leaves. Freelancing brings with it the responsibility of consistently looking for new jobs and carrying out the job as per the demands of the client. 

If you lack the requisite skills to do a job, you cannot make a living as a freelancer. As a new freelancer, not only you find it difficult to get job contracts but also fail several times to meet the expectations of the client.

How to make a living with online freelancing

Join freelancing sites

The online freelance sites are the best places to start your freelancing career. Here you can earn money as a freelance writer, web designer, programmer, graphic designer, virtual assistant etc.

To get success on online freelancing platforms you will be required to create your profile. Once you have created your profile you will be required to send a proposal to potential clients. The majority of the freelancing sites provide you the opportunity to take tests in your field of work. These tests help you showcase your skills to the potential clients. Your portfolio and past experience play an important role in winning job contract on online freelance sites.

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How much you can earn as an experienced freelancer

You potential to earn money online as a freelancer entirely depend on your skills, experience and ability to attract right clients. Clients are ready to pay $50 to $1000 to an experienced freelance writer for an article of 1000 words.

On the other hand, a newbie freelancer gets only $5 for an article. As a new freelancer, you might not be able to earn much but you will be able to get invaluable experience on the way. If you are really serious about earning money online as a freelancer, you will have to prepare yourself as a freelancer.

If you are a web designer, graphic designer or a programmer your potential to earn money is much bright on online freelancing platforms. Companies are increasingly looking for competent and talented freelancer designer and programmers.

Since a majority of the companies are outsourcing their noncore functions to external service providers; therefore, you stand a better chance of earning money online.

Moreover, these works do not require your physical presence on the company sites. So you can work from the comforts of your home or office. In fact, many freelancers have created their own company on online freelancing sites due to growing demand for freelance writers, designers, and programmers.

Create your own blog

If you want to grow your business or want to reach out to more clients, a blog can significantly improve your online presence. 

A blog will enable you to showcase your work and experience on your blog. It will help you in three ways.

First, you will be able to attract clients from outside the freelancing platforms resulting in higher earnings (the majority of the freelancing sites charge 10% service fee).

Second, you will be able to win more clients on online freelancing sites by driving them to your blog. For example, you can place your blog link on your profile or portfolio to showcase your work which in turn will help you win more clients.

Third, you can also monetize your blog in the long run. As you know, a blog enables you to share your experience and expertise with your target audience. Once you have enough content on your blog you will be able to monetize it using different monetization methods such as Google Adsense, affiliate marketing or banner advertising.

Do you think you can make a living as a freelancer? Please feel free to share your experience or freelancing tips to earn money online. If you liked this article, please make sure to share it with others. Keep learning, keep sharing. 

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